Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why .Net framework?

Before the time of .Net , Programmers/ Developers are forced to contend with bunch of issues, some of them are following as below –

  • Versioning Problem – No software upgrade
  • No assembly concept -  An ease reusability of the function without calling the code
  • COM services  - only 1% - 5 % com were using mostly for media services, and performance issues.
  • For a simple print ie “Hello world”, this required a lot of coding for the programmers.
  • Application and page life cycle was very rare so handling of page request was challenging task.
  • Microsoft introduced .Net framework as a rescuer.
  • .Net framework is consisting so many features, those are helping to programmers to save the effort and time.
  • Machine independent
  • Language inter-operability
  • Solution of versioning problem
  • Common type system
  • A very big collection of class library
  • Provide Global assembly cache to install MS assemblies
  • User interface design became very simple to manage as MS introduced IDE(Integrated Development Environment)
  • Architectural design of the application
  • Security
  • Consistent object oriented
  • Language Independency
  • Short of code
  • Introduction to mail server
  • Localization and globalization

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