SQL server: Topics

Topic 1:
Solution: In an application there is a 'SSRS' report which is fetching data from 'SSAS Cube'. The cube refresh is happened every morning in the week. Once cube is refreshed then latest data is available to 'SSRS' reports. For user interface, this 'SSRS' report is integrated with .Net page, contains few filters.
Topic 2:
Solution: Hi All, I got the scenario where i need to present the row data as column header in SQL server 2008. My scenario might be bit different.
Topic 3:
Solution: NTILE is one of the ranking function in sql server. It displays the rows in an ordered partition into a specified number of groups. Number of groups can be decided by passing arguments values in NTILE function. If total number of rows are not divisible by passing number of groups in argument area then first group always contains more rows than later groups.
Topic 4:
Solution: The relational database server in SQL server has two main components: Relational and Storage engine. From SQL server 7.0 onwards Microsoft made an important change and used 'OLEDB' API to made communication between them.
Topic 5:
Solution: There are following type of keys available In SQL server –
1. Super key
2. Candidate key
3. Primary key
4. Alternate key
5. Composite/Compound key
6. Unique key
7. Foreign key
Topic 6:
Solution: Apply delete on join query Delete TableA from TableA inner join TableB on TableA.Id=TableB.Id
Topic 7:
Topic 8:
Solution: I faced one situation in which it was recommended to implement the mechanism for scheduled printing of a PDF file which is captured through the SSRS Windows share subscription.
Topic 9:
Solution: Batch file does,'t work properly as it is unable to close the adobe reader editor window after the completion of the printing process.
Topic 10:
Solution: This option is useful for NULL values comparison. When we set it to ON it follows the ISO standard and according to it NULL values can be compared only with IS or IS NOT keywords.

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