SSIS: Topics

Topic 1:
Solution: DTS is a set of objects using an ETS tool(tool to extracts, transforms, and loads information into a database for warehousing)in order to extract, transform, and load this information to and/or from a database, while SSIS is an ETL tool provided by Microsoft to extra data from different data sources.
Topic 2:
Solution: There are five ways in SSIS package to achieve the package configuration -
  1. XML configuration
  2. Environment variable
  3. Registry entry
  4. Parent package variable
  5. SQL server table

Topic 3:
Solution: Precedence Constraints are useful to define workflow in a sequential manner for various Executables, Containers, tasks under Control tab as well as they also can be used to define the workflow in sequential manner in Event Handlers in SQL Server Integration Services. In simple words, Precedence Constraints are useful to perform the data transportation in a sequential manager based on certain business requirements.
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