SSRS: Troubleshooting and experience

Observation 1:
Solution: In SSRS if it is required to remove decimal point from cell's data then need to set the format of number. Example - If cells data is having the format like 2034.152. Then it would be 2034 after formatting. or If cells data is having the format like 2034.652.Then it would be 2035 after formatting.
Observation 2:
Solution: To apply sorting on columnss in SSRS, there are following steps...
Observation 3:
Solution: This option will be useful if any report is using more than one data set under common datasource. By checking this option we can reduce the network traffic. If this option is checked then all datasets under a report will use same open connection to hit the database.
Observation 4:
Solution: I created one SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) report which was containing few line charts. During quality check of these reports, it was observed that some graphs were not displaying which were containing less or no data.
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