Friday, 5 June 2015

How to remove extra white space from the right side of the report page in SQL Server Reporting Services ?

In one of my SSRS support application, It was required to remove one column from the tabular report. Usually it seems very easy task to remove the column by right clicking on it and select delete, but actually it was not as simple as i thought. Here an unexpected while space will also be appear in the report area because of the deleted column. This is small but very common observation found in the SSRS reports, In order to resolve this  follow the solution below -

Solution - Change the width of the report body. Follow the below steps -

Step 1 - Click on report body and press F4, It will popup the body property window or you can also select the same by choosing the body component from the property window -
(screen shot for your reference)

Step 2 - After selecting the body component,  increase the body width in order to remove the extra space from the report page.
(screen shot for your reference)

Step 3 - Keep changing in the body width until all the unwanted white space would be removed.

To perform a quick verification  check the fix, export the report into pdf.

I believe it will resolve the problem.

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