Thursday, 11 July 2013

Version History

Version/GenerationRelease TimeDevelopment Enviornment
1.0February 2002Visual Studio .Net
1.1April 2003Visual Studio .Net 2003
2.0November 2005Visual Studio .Net 2005
3.0November 2006Advancing(WPF,Silver light)
3.5November 2007Visual Studio .Net 2008t
4.0April 2010Visual Studio 2010
4.5August 2012Visual Studio 2012

Narrow view of .Net framework

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why .Net framework?

Before the time of .Net , Programmers/ Developers are forced to contend with bunch of issues, some of them are following as below –

  • Versioning Problem – No software upgrade
  • No assembly concept -  An ease reusability of the function without calling the code
  • COM services  - only 1% - 5 % com were using mostly for media services, and performance issues.
  • For a simple print ie “Hello world”, this required a lot of coding for the programmers.
  • Application and page life cycle was very rare so handling of page request was challenging task.
  • Microsoft introduced .Net framework as a rescuer.
  • .Net framework is consisting so many features, those are helping to programmers to save the effort and time.
  • Machine independent
  • Language inter-operability
  • Solution of versioning problem
  • Common type system
  • A very big collection of class library
  • Provide Global assembly cache to install MS assemblies
  • User interface design became very simple to manage as MS introduced IDE(Integrated Development Environment)
  • Architectural design of the application
  • Security
  • Consistent object oriented
  • Language Independency
  • Short of code
  • Introduction to mail server
  • Localization and globalization

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What is .NET framework?

  1. .Net is not a programming language, it is consisting a set of class libraries and Security mechanism along with a compiler which is know as CLR(Common Language Runtime).
  2. .Net framework is a product of Microsoft, which was first introduced in the late 1990 during next generation window services(NGWS)  development. 
  3. .Net is a programming infrastructure developed by Microsoft  for building, deploying and running the applications.
.Net framework provides following tools for managing user and application interfaces

  • Window form
  • Web form
  • Console Application
  • Web services
These tools enable users to develop user friendly desktop based as well as web based applications using wide variety of languages on the .Net platform.

What was before the .Net framework?

When .Net was not in the market, that was very different time, people use to do development by using –
Windows GUI development - Win32 API, MFC, Visual Basic and Component object model
Web Development – ASP

  • It was really very difficult to the programmer to achieve a good user interface or achieve reusability of functionality through ease of access.
  • People use to do windows based application by using component object model which was causing the performance issue of the application.
  • Those days there were None availability or difficult to access of language inter-operability, versioning , services, machine dependency.
  • Very less classes under MFC library, To make a small logic there was a huge code behind that.
  • Application life cycle and page life cycle was available but with very less features.
  • C and C++ developer are forced to contend with complex memory and pointer arithmetic
  • Most of the Windows application were using COM classes, COM’s language independence is very limited.
  • Programs or application were not independent, Most of the time they were machine dependent.

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